Travel photography takes me on a journey of discovering new parts of the world and finding connections with the elements that inspire me. On this page, you will find an overview, or click on the buttons above to specify an area. 

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I have been fortunate enough to travel to three different continents. Most of these places I have visited during a year of solo travel. Some countries have been on my list for many years, others more recently. But all together, these travel adventures have created a spark within me that I will hold dearly. 

How I take photos

When I am visiting a new country, city or landscape, I love to wander around. I rarely come up with a plan beforehand but instead hope to be inspired by whatever comes my way. Walking around without expectations helps me open my perspective even more. I am not focused on a certain outcome but rather embrace any situation and work with it. 

I see the world through my lens and always capture a scene from my perspective. Staying true to this reflects my style in the photos. The compositions I use create a calm image where the main subject is covering half of the frame. My preference lies in spaciousness and I try to avoid busy looking photos. 

What inspires me

With travel photography, I like to explore the areas that are most in contrast from what I am used to in my own country. Being born and raised in the Netherlands, I grew up in the countryside which consists mostly of farmland. The flatland that I have seen throughout my life is the least inspiring to me. This is why I absolutely love being in the mountains, seeing the world from a different perspective. Mountains come in different sizes, shapes and forms but they also bring a lot of other beautiful elements. Think about waterfalls, snow and how they can affect the weather. 

I do believe that the weather looks different in other areas of the world. In photography, lighting is valuable. The color of the light and the way it falls make a photo stand out from the rest. I often use natural light within my photos to bring out elements, shapes and textures.