"She is professional, extremely organized and a great communicator, and I’d highly recommend her for any photo or video project."
Videographer at EkhartYoga

About me

I’m Lyanne, an adventure seeker, freelance lifestyle photographer and videographer. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and working worldwide.

After graduating from film school, I started developing my expertise in the self-care, environmental, and creative industries. Lately, you can find me capturing weddings, business events, and festivals. And I plan to do so much more.

Over the past ten years, my passion for visual storytelling has expanded intensely. From working with different international brands and non-profits. What lies closest to my heart is helping others express themselves freely. I’ve witnessed the joy and connection between people through my lens and wish to keep using my profession to add a positive spark to someone’s day.

My purpose

I believe that we all have the responsibility to improve ourselves and create a life that feels fulfilling. However, sometimes we need support with this, and that is okay. For me, practicing yoga and mindfulness daily makes me feel more grateful for the experiences I have. The feeling of gratitude is something I want to share with others and support the organizations that stand for positively improving the world around us.

For this reason, I have contributed my time to both volunteering and working in these specific environments. On locations in Iceland, where I learned about climate change; in the south of Greece, where I could bring support in a small community; in Canada and Belgium, where I could share my knowledge as a videographer; and lately, also as a video and audio technician for a childrens hospital.

My intentions for the future are to keep developing on this path. I wish to work more with organizations and people who want to bring something good to our surroundings. These are the places in which I can contribute my knowledge and skills to create more awareness and improve the world around us and within us.

Please feel free to connect with me to share your ideas. info@lyanneart.com

“Lyanne knows what she wants and is well prepared, but I can also bring my own ideas. I received the photos very quickly and I have always been satisfied with the results.”

Member of Dutch Photographers Association.

Founder of The Circle.