"She is professional, extremely organized and a great communicator, and I’d highly recommend her for any photo or video project."
Videographer at EkhartYoga

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I’m Lyanne, a freelance photographer and videographer. Based in the Netherlands but also working worldwide. I would like to share some things about me that I find important.

With a focus on the travel and lifestyle industries, I have experience working with a wide range of brands and individuals. Once we feel our values are aligned, they connect with me through ideas that wish to be visualized. As a result of this, I have a good understanding of various cultures and expectations, which I will bring with me in future collaborations.

The most important thing for any collaboration starts with creating space to listen and offering security and trust. Therefore, by listening, we can understand; from understanding, we can create. 

Along with this comes another passion of mine, which is traveling. During my trips, I definitely enjoy learning about cultures and how I can give back to the planet. For me, volunteering has been an amazing way of connecting with and learning from others. As a result, it gives me the confidence and inspiration to follow my own dreams and pursue my career.

Enough about me; let’s talk about you! Please feel free to connect with me to share your ideas: lyanneart@lyanneart.com
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“Lyanne knows what she wants and is well prepared, but I can also bring my own ideas. I received the photos very quickly and I have always been satisfied with the results.”