Tamron 28-75mm lens Review

The Tamron 28-75mm lens is an all-round lens perfect for the photographer who can’t or simply doesn’t want to bring along many lenses. This review will dive in the pros and cons of this lens and the reasons why this could be your go-to lens.

What does this lens offers

Let’s start this lens review with some important specifications:

  • 28-75mm zoom lens
  • F/2.8
  • RXD
  • Sony E-Mount
  • 550 gram
  • Price around €800,- (at the time of writing)

The 28-75mm zoom gives a wide range of possibilities for most types of photography. As a travel, landscape or portrait photographer this zoom lens will become very useful.

F/2.8 can for some photographers be an overkill however, I find it very convenient to also be able to shoot with F/2.8 while I am zoomed in at 75mm. This obviously affects the pricing of the lens. So, remember that you can get great lenses for a lower price, if you are happy with an F/3-4.5 for example.

RXD stands for Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive. This makes sure that the auto focus works smoothly and ultra-silent. Besides photography this is also a great feature for videography.

This lens is especially made for the Sony E-mount, so always check to make sure you have the right mount before you buy any lens.

The 550 gram is the total weight of the lens. This is considered to be on the lighter side. The lens is also not too long and bulk, which makes it easy to carry around and travel with.

The prices always fluctuate, but I would say this lens falls in the middle of the pricing scale. While there are many lenses way more expensive, this lens isn’t the cheapest but still comes with a decent price.

Tamron lens review

My experience

I really like the overall look and feel of this lens. It’s not too long and heavy but still very solid. There are no buttons or switches, which makes the design very simple. I do notice after caring the camera for a whole day it will become quite heavy, but that is of course something that goes hand in hand with good quality gear.

The use of the zoom needs a bit of your strength, compared to the lenses I have had before that turned much smoother. The focus ring however is very easy to use.

Without a doubt I am excited about the image quality. The Sony and Tamron together bring my photos to life in color and sharpness. Also, low light situations are dealt with very well.

Should you buy the Tamron 28-75mm lens

Depending on your budget, camera body and photography style. I can recommend this lens for any photographer who will be making much use out of the 28-75 zoom options and is looking for a solid lens that is easy to bring along and will last for many years.

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