This is a personal project that I created myself. For the shoot, I came into contact with Robin, who is an actor and model based in the Netherlands. Together, we managed to get creative and explore the possibilities of the projector. Along with the photos, I also filmed a video, which you can find on this page.

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Why this project

I started this project out of curiosity about using a projector during a photoshoot. At this time, I had found a photographer who often creates beautiful images working with projectors. In particular, the unlimited use of colors, images and shapes made me excited to give it a try. 

How I prepared

In order to help myself explain my ideas, I always gather existing images and collect them as a moodboard. The moodboard shapes the story I want to tell and what kinds of poses will look good for Robin to try out. In addition to this, I also wanted to test the projector setup before the actual shoot. It could only be known for sure that my ideas were actually realistic ones by testing how capable the projector actually is. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the strength and quality of the projector. The colors were bright and sharp enough for my camera to pick them up. I could create my own shapes in Photoshop or use videos as well. With everything set, tested and ready to go, I felt thrilled for the day of the shoot.

Putting the pieces together

The production day itself went great. Both Robin and I were trying out our interpretation of my storyline, which really brought it together. The shape of the storyline became more clear through our ideas. With the different colored backgrounds, I was portraying the different elements of being human. While we are part of nature, we also mindlessly destroy it without realizing the consequences.
The use of colors has always been an important part of my work. It can direct the viewer´s focus, clarify the meaning of an image, or enhance an emotion. In the edit, I could enhance the colors and contrast even more.