I am excited to have the opportunity to share with you a diverse selection of portraits that I have taken over the past few years. I feel a lot of gratitude towards each individual who allowed me to take their portrait. My passion for portrait photography has led me to strive for authenticity in every single photo I capture. From the studio to the great outdoors, I work hard to showcase the uniqueness of each person through my lens.

How I ease nervousness

Understandably, being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking for many, which is why I make it my priority to ensure that my subjects feel comfortable and at ease throughout their photoshoot. I enjoy building a relationship with them beforehand to create a relaxed atmosphere where they can truly express themselves and feel confident.

Not only is it important to capture beautiful and memorable photos, but I also believe that the process itself should be memorable. That’s why I make sure that every photoshoot is a fun and enjoyable experience. I always like to share lighthearted moments and laughter with my subjects. Before, during and after the shoot.

Guiding my subject

In terms of the photoshoot itself, I like to give my subjects freedom. They may pose and move in a way that feels most natural to them. I will then provide suggestions and guidance to highlight the composition, lighting, and story that I envisioned around them. In cases where the client has a specific request for a portrait, I will have the same approach. Next to that, I first listen carefully to their wishes. Most of the time, I understand what they envision and make sure to ask for feedback during the shoot. This way, we both get confirmation that we are creating the expected photo.

My portfolio showcases a combination of planned and improvisational moments. These make for a truly unique and unforgettable experience. I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoyed taking these photos!