I like photographing people and nature. Therefore, I started this shoot with Lisanne. My intention for this project was to experiment with the combination of nature and portrait photography. How can I express and visualize the emotional tenderness? Let me tell you how I did this.

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Starting the project

While I usually start by writing out my ideas first, for this project I actually started looking for a model first. While there isn’t a right or wrong way to order your workflow, I do believe it will give you a different outcome. The concept should fit the model, but the model should also fit the concept. Based on the chosen model, I could actually customize my shoot much more.

Another element of this project was collaborating with a makeup artist. I wanted to have this small team with me that I could learn from and manage. Shortly, I found Lisanne as the model and also the makeup artist. Both were very exciting about my concept and ideas. After this, I designed a moodboard. More and more, the storyline became alive, which made it easier to visualize and understand from an outsider’s perspective. 

The following step was for me to gather the props. To enhance the tenderness within my story, I was looking for small flowers and a soft colored background. Because of my experience in art direction, I know the right places to look for props. Also, with the use of soft lighting and minimal colors, I created an overall sense of softness and intimacy. 

The photoshoot

The shoot itself was so much fun. While I was building a tiny photo studio, the makeup artist did her magic. As soon as everyone was ready, we started the photoshoot, which took half a day. It was a great project for me to explore my creativity and lead a small team again.