The Amsterdam fashion shoot is a personal project that consists of two parts. The two-day shoot was first formed in collaboration with Studio Neanke. We talked about the concept of a portrait photography shoot with a fashion related theme. At that time, I was still new to this concept, but I let myself fully emerge. During the weeks before the first shoot, I spent my time creating moodboards and doing research based on the style I had in mind..

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On the day of the first shoot, we kept the flexibility to be creative and also made use of the location we had. I was without a doubt highly excited during the whole process. This brought me a lot of new inspiration. Quickly after I edited and released the selected photos, we decided to plan a second shoot. I was certainly determined to step up my game even further. For this reason, we invited a second model to the shoot. I formed a moodboard based on the vibe and location I selected. A part from directing the two models on set, I also took responsibility for the location scouting and the use of light during the shoot. Because of this, I felt the production was more challenging. I managed each aspect of the shoot myself, including the preparation and photo editing afterwards.

However, looking at the end results altogether, I can’t state enough how satisfied I am. The way I proceeded with the ideas I had to gather the information and people that I needed made my ideas come to life. And above all, it made me learn so much about organizing a multiple-day photoshoot. Also directing models in a way that I can translate my creative ideas into a visual concept. I absolutely enjoyed each aspect of creating the Amsterdam fashion shoot and hope to soon shoot more!