For this special occasion, I was the photographer at Wondr’s yearly anniversary party. Located on a rooftop in Amsterdam. The view over the city was beautiful, and the decoration perfectly fitted this year’s theme.

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Business events

Wondr is a playful art gallery nestled in Amsterdam, and it has become incredibly popular. Lots of people from all age groups come to the lively-dressed rooms inside the museum. Mainly to take photos and enjoy the experience. Wondr sure knows how to throw a party, and their employee events are something entirely different! This year, their anniversary party had a music theme—iconographic music artists, to be precise!

Besides celebrating another year of success, parties like this are important for the connection and care of your employees. In my opinion, Wondr knows how to get festive. Any company has, of course, its own style and resources. I have photographed other events in the past, which were all very authentic. For this event, Wondr added a special touch. With the special dress code in place, it stimulates everyone to participate and feel included.

My experience

For the start of the party, I arrived bright and early to find my contact person and get a tour around the venue. She showed me the wall and pink carpet at the entrance. Firstly, the guests arrive and register themselves. Secondly, I would take their portrait, and they could enter the venue. The photos would later be shared with everyone. After all guests had entered, I took a couple more photos of the them on the rooftop with the beautiful sunset in the background.

I was prepared to bring extra lights to help me still take photos while it was getting darker. It was a fun experience to be part of this party and make sure everyone felt seen and included by taking their photos and sharing a small conversation.