A Women’s Circle is a gathering of women who come together in a supportive and safe space to connect, share experiences, wisdom, and support each other. These circles can take various forms, such as structured meetings, informal gatherings, workshops, or retreats, depending on the preferences and goals of the participants.

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The Women’s Circle was organized by psychologist Jeannette Bolck from Counseling Amsterdam. She focused on the topics of hormonal influctuations and how to regulate the nervous system. Personally, I am very drawn to learning more about physical and mental wellbeing. There are so many insights to share and ways we can support ourselves when life gets challenging. This is why I connect with these topics and enjoy photographing the teaching and experience of the students. 

Preparation on location

When I photograph a workshop, or basically any event, I always make sure to arrive before everyone else. This way, I can meet and talk with the teacher and settle myself into the space. Not only will I have time to prepare myself, but I will also plan my angles. Where will I be? Where will the students sit? And what are my options? 

Giving a safe space

Once the students start to arrive, I welcome them and keep an open posture. For me, this is one of the most important parts because it will make others feel safe and comfortable. People are like mirrors; when I am calm, grounded, and friendly, this is what they’ll receive and reflect. Especially in a setting like this, where the feeling of safety and connection is key.

Being the observer

From a photographer’s perspective, I highly enjoy being in the observing role. Not only by watching but also by sensing. Whenever I experience a moment of sensitivity from the students, I do not take photos and keep myself in the background. Still, I make sure to capture the overall experience of the workshop and use a variety of angles to end up with a diverse pack of close-up and wide photos.