Wepublic organized a special event. To introduce their new CEO, I was asked to take photos during his presentation. After this, I also took a couple group and individual portraits.

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Wepublic is a consulting firm for strategic and complex issues. In celebration of their ten-year anniversary, the current CEOs announced a new owner. SEC Newgate, one of the biggest advice and communication agencies in the Netherlands, will push Wepublic a step further in developing their ambitions.

My responsibility as the photographer

Often, a photoshoot is only a few hours out of the client’s agenda. Therefore, I try to come with an open mind. It is always a surprise when I arrive at a location for the first time. Whatever the situation or location may look like, I always tend to stay calm, be understanding and flexible. Running a business is hard. It can always happen that someone runs late or had a stressful morning. The best way for me to show up and support them, is by being on time, having a professional attitude, and letting them release any worries about the photos. 

In this case, I hadn’t seen the location yet because this was a very last minute project. But my position was communicated clearly beforehand. During the presentation, I could walk around to take photos of the CEO and the team listening. Whatever the room ends up looking like you, as the photographer, have the responsibility to make it work. In this situation, it luckily wasn’t too difficult. The lighting was just enough to photograph without a flash.


After the presentation, I was looking for a good location to take the portraits. I knew I wanted to keep working with natural light as much as possible while still including the corporate environment. We ended up in the hall of the entrance, where there was much glass and daylight entering the space. The group photo was eventually used for the online press release about the new formation of the company.