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Inspiration is one of the most important things to have as an artist. While one can know the ways into getting inspired easy, the other can feel stuck days or even weeks. Through the years I have dealt with lack of motivation and inspiration for many times. Whenever you feel stuck or just in need for some new inspiration I have made this list of ways to get your inspiration back. This list is very broad and while most ideas maybe won’t work for you, others can be just what you are looking for. Creativity isn’t something we can force and it is a very personal process.

Listen to music

Your favorite music or try out new music, genres, artists or even languages.

Make music

If you play an instrument or you can sing.


Basically anything you can define as art. Paintings, drawings, photos, videos, music, buildings, sculptures. Whatever you feel most interested in. View it, take it in and see what it does to you.

Inspirational people

Anyone you are looking up to. This can be artists, creators or storytellers. Follow them, admire their work and dedication.


Talk with friends, family or people that are in the same creative field as you. Start seeing things from a different perspective can create inspiration you otherwise never would have found.


Fictional books but also non-fictional books about a topic that interests you. Also, blogs, magazines or the newspaper can contain topics that get your inspiration flowing.


Think about writing in a diary, short fictional stories, poems or lyrics.


Nature has an amazing effect on the brain and body. You can feel calmer and think clearer. Also, look around and take in the beauty that nature brings. Lights, colors and sounds.



When you’re feeling stressed or tired, it is more difficult to come up with creative ideas. Meditating can help you to calm down, relax and refocus on the things that you find are most important.


Sitting is very passive and slow down your creative mind. When you get a good exercise down regularly, I can almost guarantee you’ll become more productive.


They say that inspiration comes often when people are taking a shower. This is because you have time to relax, breathe and let the mind settle.


Taking a walk can have the same effect as being in nature and exercising.


Don’t only rest when you are sleeping, also rest during the day. You need to process a lot and when you feel rested you can easier tune in with your creativity.

Spending time alone

In contrast with being social, spending time alone can also give great benefits. Sometimes you need to reduce the amount of impulses you can get from others. Spending time alone will give you to opportunity to connect with your own feelings and thoughts. This can open up new ideas and ways to move forward.

Looking at your old work

When you are reflecting on your own work, you will see the progress you have made up until now. You can also start analyzing your work and maybe discover a certain theme, connection or overall feeling your work gives.

Looking at other peoples work

The internet is full of creative people sharing their work. While this can be overwhelming and discouraging, it can also inspire you to try new things. Don’t spend too many hours scrolling on social media though. There are multiple great platforms that are less draining and more inspiring.

Watch videos

Youtube or Vimeo are one of the platforms where you can look for inspiration. Think about tutorials or vloggers that can teach you a new skill or add something to your knowledge. Also, movies, series and documentaries can excite you to start creating again.


Podcasts can be a great way to learn new information about subjects that interest you. What I like about this, is that you can listen to a podcast while you are cleaning the house, exercising, driving or taking public transportation. It’s easy to add to your daily life and will bring instant inspiration.

Trying out something new

With all these things listed above, you can give it a spin by trying something new. This can take you to places you would otherwise never see. Talking about places, traveling is also a great way to explore and discover the things you can become inspired about.

I hope this list gives you a new perspective on your creative outlet and will help you feel inspired again. If you’re still not sure what inspires you, try making a list of things you like to do or look at. The things you are doing unconsciously are often the things that inspire you. The main point to take from this is to keep yourself open for inspiration, remember the things that excite you the most. Trying out new things and ways of creating. Feel healthy, rested and connected to yourself. If you like to see more inspiration click here, or scroll through my photo boards on Pinterest here.

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