"It was great to have Lyanne around. She fitted very well, took initiative herself, wanted to help with everything necessary but also used her professional skills to help us with photography of works and editing short artist films."
Manager at Verbeke Foundation
Yoga International cover

Cover photo for Yoga International magazine

I was delighted to hear that I was asked to photograph Esther Ekhart for the cover of Yoga International magazine. Not one, but two publications of mine would end up in this edition. The team sent me all the information and I was responsible for independently producing and photographing the image.

I set up a white backdrop in the studio and used three strobe lights to evenly lit the background and model. The clean background visualizes the calmness of the article topic inside the magazine.
With the pose already decided on, we experimented with different colored clothes and mats. With the options we created, I sent the photos to the team and they finished it by adding the gradient and text. 

Photoshoot for an article in Yoga International magazine

For the same magazine edition as the cover publication, I photographed a series of twelve yoga poses that illustrated the article. For this reason I wanted the photos in the article to be consistent with the cover photo. I used the same light setup and background just as in the other image. After the shoot, I checked all the photos and did some editing where needed. Finally, I cropped the photos to the right sizes and sent them to the team. To see the online version of the article, click here.

In The Moment and Calm Moment magazine​s

On a beautiful sunny day, I did a photoshoot with Esther Ekhart. The purpose was to create a new series of personal images that could be used for multiple publications.
I had my camera setup, but the light was too bright that day. Luckily, I had a reflection screen with me just in case, which worked very well for creating more shadow. The depth of field creates a soft image and keeps the focus on the model. The whole composition of the images works really well and makes it feel natural.
The photo has been used multiple times, including for different publications. For example. In The Moment magazine in 2019. But also in Calm Moment magazine. You can read the online version of the article by clicking here.

Studio Neanke​

The collaboration with Studio Neanke was focused on creating a series of fashion portraits. As the photographer, I made sure to create a moodboard based on our ideas. On set, I worked independently, besides directed the two models I also created space to have fun and experiment.
Afterwards, Studio Neanke created a few illustrations, based my photos.
To see a few photos from the shoot, click here.
And if you want to see all the illustrations, click here