On a beautiful day in autumn, we went outside for a pregnancy shoot. She was gifted this photoshoot by friends, and I intended to make it the most enjoyable time.

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Understanding their wishes

Before we started the photoshoot, I contacted her to ask for any ideas she had. She told me about certain locations she had in mind and shared inspiration for the types of photos she liked. Knowing this was really helpful for me to understand someone’s preferences and wishes. She had also picked a dress she’d like to wear, which looked gorgeous on her.

The photoshoot

We drove to the first location and I spotted a nice area in the forest. For this first part of the pregnancy shoot, she would like to have a couple of photos together with her husband. The sunlight was still low and peaked through the trees, creating a nice pattern in the background. I love shooting at 75mm, which allows the background to get smooth and blurry while the subject pops out even more. I directed the couple in some poses and made sure they both were comfortable throughout the shoot.

Not far from the first location, we found a more open space with some darker colored trees in the background. I was amazed to see how beautiful the colors looked and how well her dress matched the scenery. It also very much portrays the time of year in which the colors of the trees change. This will be a memorable factor in the photos for in the future. When I take the photos, I mostly focus on the lighting falling down on the person. Also, making sure they look their best by guiding them into poses that both feel and look natural.

The importance of location

The last location was near the water and only a short drive away. While the photos in the forest had a more warm and welcoming tone, I found the water made the overall photos look calming. It sets a story where there is calmness and clarity, waiting for the future to happen.

I also photographed a newborn shoot which you can find here.