How I improved my style and became more personal

As a photographer and videographer, I have worked on so many different projects throughout the years. My style of work has changed drastically based on the changes in my life, the events that inspired me, or the moments where I could really create something from my heart.

Life is a journey, and it never goes in a straight line. As for everyone, our experiences can feel like a roller coaster. Going up for a while, but before you know it, you can fall down again or your life takes an unexpected turn. It can be difficult to accept, but I try my best each day to be grateful for how far I’ve come and that I still feel motivated to keep moving forward at my own pace.

Becoming more personal

Recently, I shared a post on Instagram where I wrote about a part of my life that was marked by great change and development for me. I felt the need to share something more personal to be able to connect better with others. I received an unexpected response and support that was truly heartwarming.

But after sharing this post, I started realizing that I really want to become more personal in my creative work as well. Divining my style and focusing on the emotional aspect of storytelling within both photography and videography.

A mindful approach

Recently, I’ve had conversations with multiple people about happiness and self-development. The things you choose to do in your life and how you perceive the world around you. My creative work has always been an outlet for expressing my feelings. Mindfulness is also an important part of my life. With mindfulness, you can actually let go of the past and future and fully experience the present moment. When feeling mindful, you forget everything about your past and future. Your senses become more active, and you can truly see the things that are around you and the way they make you feel.

Often, I feel that this mindful way of experiencing life puts the focus on smaller details that might not have been noticed otherwise. A beautiful flower in the field or the texture of someone’s skin. These small details are the basis of our own identity. Sometimes we hide these parts of ourselves, but I see the beauty and strength in this. Our authenticity should be embraced and celebrated.

Celebrate your authentic self

I believe that the world around us puts a spotlight on what perfection is supposed to look like. Which even more shows the importance of going against this and being your true self. I like to emphasize this experience in my work. Perhaps you can see it as romanticizing the elements that make us feel truly alive, striving against the demanding, fast-paced, technology-focused world we live in.

This is what I hope to achieve with my style of work. A moment to slow down and feel connected to what matters. The small and the big, the overall experience of your life, and the love that grows from there.