My one year website anniversary

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Today is the one year anniversary of my website and I would like to celebrate it with this blog. Starting this website was something I had in my mind for a long time and it has helped me move forward into pursuing my passion. Therefore, I would like to reflect on this past year and how my focus changed over time.

My first blog

This one year anniversary started back on December 28th, 2019. I posted my first blog. You can read it here if you like. I am not a good writer, not back then and not now. But I simply enjoy it and care less about it being written in a “correct” way. The reason why I started this website was to have a space where I can share my photos, videos and blogs. It hasn’t changed, only my focus has shifted a bit. More on that later.

Life more freely

In my first blog I wrote: “I am a perfectionist and would love to plan my whole future if I could, but sometimes it’s better to let go and see what will happen.”

This is so interesting, because I am still a perfectionist but I definitely don’t have the ambition in planning my whole future. Especially this year I think a lot of people have learned to let go. Life isn’t something you can control and we need to trust in ourselves that we can handle the storms, because there will always be better times after. I ended my blog with mentioning that there are always ways to grow, learn and improve yourself. Absolutely.

Website issues

With my website I often come across issues I could never prepare for. And that is okay. It has been very time consuming, but it was worth every second, because I enjoyed the process so much. 

A lot of technical issues I simply didn’t know how to fix. Some were so confusing to me that I didn’t even know which words to use in explaining the problem to be able to find solutions. In the end it always came back to a very easy fix, and me thinking way to complex about solutions. I learned that with stepping back for a bit and trying to look at an issue from a different point of view, the answers may be a lot closer to me than I realized. Also, not giving up when it feels impossible to fix. Often right after the second you want to give up, it suddenly works. I also don’t expect this to stop after a one year anniversary. 


This year I slowly moved more into photography. The video productions became less of a priority and also the blogs slowly faded out of my weekly routine. I still enjoy these things. But it’s good to realize what you are most drawn to and give you the inspiration and motivation. I’ve been focusing more on growing my skills in nature, travel, street and portrait photography. Also, I have spent many hours editing in Lightroom and Photoshop which has for sure upgraded my knowledge and eye for detail. 

When you are passionate about something, like I am about photography, it is just something you need to keep doing. You know you are passionate, because you never get bored by it, always want to learn and grow. You feel excited, something just sparks, clicks and connects. This is so very special and something you have to do for you. You do it because you get energy out of it. It doesn’t matter if there are no visitors, likes or comments on whatever you make. You make things because you believe in them and love doing it. THAT is the most important thing!


I wrote 35 blogs this year. One every week until my life changed around me and I started to lose grip on the consistency. I accepted the changes and let the writing go for now. I might pick it back up next year, who knows.

While going through some big life changes, my focus has also definitely shifted and I am very thankful for that. I had made a schedule back in January where I wrote blogs every week, planned photo shoots and video shoots to keep pushing myself to making content. I was so dedicated and knew that by creating a lot, I would improve quicker. But I simply wanted too much, I could never keep up with the schedule I made and I had to accept that some things were more important than others. I moved more towards photography. Going outside when I could and taking pictures of whatever I came across. It was and still is my way of stress relieve and being in the moment.

Looking forward

Looking past the one year anniversary, next year I want to keep focusing on photography. Learning, growing and improving my skills. Lets see what life will bring in 2021.

Thanks to you

And thank you for being here this year. Thank you for reading this, visiting my website, my Instagram, supporting me and not letting me stop doing what I love. Thank you.

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