Japan is, for sure, one of my favorite places in the world. I mean, look at the photos — what is there not to like? I learned a lot about this country and have been fascinated for many years. There is something about the culture, history and architecture that connects with me. I spent a long time preparing for this trip. It was an unreal experience to finally arrive. 

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The places I went

I gave myself six weeks to explore Japan and stayed in the most popular areas for first time visitors. While I landed and stayed in Tokyo for a week, I took the bullet train to Kyoto. There I stayed for three weeks, mostly visiting areas within the city. Frequently, I took daytrips to other cities like Osaka, Kobe and Nara. Besides this, I also went to some more remote towns like Maizure, Otsu, Karasaki and the Yobai Falls. 

After the three weeks, I packed my bags again to travel further south. Here I went to the beautiful city of Hiroshima and its small island Itsukushima. After this, I went back to Okayama and visited Marugame and Tokushima on the island Shikoku. While I noticed that these areas were less touristy, locals were surprised to see me wandering around. Two long days, on the train eventually brought me to Nagoya and Fujikawaguchika. This last town is known for the lake called Kawaguchi, over which you get a beautiful view of Mount Fuji. Lastly, I spent my final days back in Tokyo.

How I felt inspired

During this incredible trip, I was able to photograph both digital and analog photos. The architecture was one of the parts that I felt really inspired by. Especially the traditional wooden houses and Buddhistic temples. Also, the cultural behaviors within the bigger cities drew my attention. I was staying during a seasonal change, and for this reason, I noticed the landscapes around me changing pretty fast. From walking in the snow to sitting under the first cherry blossoms.