During this cultural event that was organized by GinDS, I was asked to photograph the performances, interviews and overall experience of this afternoon in Hoofddorp. I really enjoyed watching the artists show their work to the visitors and capturing the interaction between the people and the art. 

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During the time I was there, I had the space to walk around freely and pay attention to what was happening around me. I love observing my surroundings and responding to each moment. The temperature was very high, but inside the bunkers it was a lot cooler. There was an exhibition happening, however most people stayed outside to watch the performances. I photographed the interviews where artists from different disciplines shared their thoughts and reasoning behind their work. After this, there was a theater performance happening on top of the bunkers. While it was quite challenging to take photos in the harsh sunlight, I managed to get some decent shots from both the audience and actrice.

An in-person conversation

A bit further down the road was another bunker where a different exhibition was held. While she had already removed some of her work, we still had a nice conversation about the pieces she enjoys creating. She showed me the work she had sold today and how she experimented with vegetation and soil. The portraits I took felt most sincere to me because of the in-person conversation we had. Besides this, it felt nice to know about the story behind someone’s work and also a bit about the artist themselves. 

About GinDS

GinDS is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. Since 2018, this part of the thesis has been renamed the cultural breeding ground GinDS. On one side of the dike is a row of ammunition bunkers, where various artists keep their studio, workshop or studio. On the other side is a former Battery. This is the Artist in Residency (AIR). Every few months, a different artist works on a project here. This research period ends with an exhibition or performance during an cultural event like this.