I started a new adventure in product photography, specifically food photography. While traditionally, my work has focused primarily on capturing portraits and events, I am always open to explore something new.

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This fascinating opportunity recently came my way. It happened when I was approached by an international company, ‘Fluffy & Fit.’ This unique brand is dedicated to creating nutritious food for dogs. They were in the process of broadening their brand’s reach within Germany. Since they already had connections in the Netherlands, they were looking for a videographer and photographer in Amsterdam.

The visual material

The concept of ‘Fluffy & Fit’ immediately resonated with me, and I was eager to delve deeper. In collaboration with the client, we created a series of seven engaging short cooking videos. These videos were designed to educate pet owners on how to prepare healthy dog snacks at home. Together with the photos, the material would be used on the website and social media channels.

Less is more

On the production day, my approach for food photography was ‘less is more.’ I experimented with various setups. By removing and replacing elements I achieved a cleaner aesthetic. My previous experiences with product photography had taught me the importance of playing with shapes, angles, and layers to emphasize the main subject of the photo effectively. The goal was always to highlight the food. The surrounding objects kept playing a supporting role to enhances the overall composition. As this day marked my first step into food photography—I enjoyed it very much!

During the editing process, I paid close attention to the finer details. I made subtle adjustments to ensure everything looked perfect and natural. This attention to detail is crucial in food photography, where every element must come together to create a visually appealing result.

My experience

This project not only allowed me to explore a new aspect of photography. It also gave me the opportunity to contribute to a brand that’s making a difference in the pet food industry. The experience broadened my creativity and added another layer to my professional skills. I look forward to exploring more opportunities like this in the future. I really enjoy blending my passion for photography with impactful and creative projects.