During the female entrepreneurs network event in Amsterdam, I had the unique opportunity to photograph all the participants. It was a morning filled with inspiration, where I connected with 14 ambitious women, each with their own unique story and background.

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In search of connection

Despite the limited time I had to photograph each person, I found it essential to create a sense of calm and establish genuine connections with everyone. By asking questions and listening to their business experiences and goals, I quickly gained an understanding of who they were and what set them apart from others. Based on this insight, I was able to develop my ideas for poses and compositions, capturing their personality and professionalism in the most authentic way possible.

What struck me the most was the diversity and individuality of each participant. Some had years of experience in their field, while others were just beginning their journey as a business owner. Some women came with specific ideas for the photoshoot, knowing exactly what look they wanted to achieve, while others were open to suggestions and relied on my guidance to bring their vision to life.

How to create comfort

As a photographer, my primary goal was to put the women at ease in front of the camera. I accomplished this by maintaining constant communication, adjusting the lighting for optimal exposure, and creating a relaxed atmosphere where we both enjoyed the process. Additionally, I introduced variety by offering subtle direction and utilizing the surroundings as a backdrop, resulting in a diverse range of images that highlighted each woman’s unique qualities.

Since I have photographed loads of portraits by now, photographing female entrepreneurs during this personal branding photoshoot was not only a professional experience but also a personal journey. I felt honored to have the opportunity to capture their stories and assist them in creating images that not only reflected their personality but also effectively conveyed their business message. It was a morning full of inspiration, connection, and empowerment, and I am grateful to have been a part of it.