Expressing your art in a unique way

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Expressing your art in a unique way is something every artist tends to do. With creating from their own passion and love for art. However, online it is easy to get lost in the amount of content that is being produced every day. I sometimes struggle with finding the valuable pieces that resonate with me. For me art is about expressing and showing your unique self.

Be consistent

Expressing your art in a unique way meaning you need to find your own style. I believe everyone has their own way of thinking, working and creating. With some topics you will connect better than with others. Once you become aware of this, you can build from there and create more consistent content. People will eventually pick up on your style and recognize it. Especially when you have a creative type of job, it is almost essential to have a clear and consistent style. Future clients will be interested in you and your style and know what to expect.

Be inspired

Inspiration can do a lot good or bad these days. You don’t want to over-consume yourself scrolling on Instagram for days. However, you can look for websites, books or places you find inspiring. Daily doses of inspiration will help you to create your own work. Of course there is a difference between copying something or using it as inspiration. Be mindful of this in your own creative process.

Express yourself

A big part of creating unique work is to add something personal to it. You can do this is different ways. Think about sharing emotions, stories, dreams or personal memories. Honesty and openness is a very powerful way to connect the viewer and artist together.

Find the balance

Be mindful of the balance you have between expressing yourself without getting too personal. Feeling inspired without copying someone’s work. This can be tricky, but you can ask yourself how someone will look towards the art you make. Their experience is different from yours. 

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