The Netherlands

Often said to be the flattest country in Europe, perhaps even in the world. But most of all, the place I grew up and have traveled the most. We get a lot of rain throughout the year, but when it’s sunny, everything changes. On this particularly sunny day, I went to the beach in Katwijk. The sun was about to set and I felt inspired by the changing colors reflecting in the water and sand. The beach was spacious and almost empty, which led to me taking some of my favorite photos. The photos have a dreamy vibe to them, and I like the simplicity of having one main subject in a non-distracting setting. 


For sure, one of my favorite countries is Switzerland. The nature is just unbelievable. The high, pointy mountains and endless views over blue lakes. You can’t imagine how many times I have just been speechless, taking in the view and feeling the peace it brings within me. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Swiss Alps twice and hike some of the most challenging mountain ranges of my life. But it is absolutely worth it. Imagine standing climbing to the top of a mountain and not only seeing an incredible view, but also smelling this fresh, cool air that makes you feel replenished again. Apart from the cowbells in the distance, you are left with pure silence.


The wild variety of landscapes in Europe is unbelievable. In contrast with the Netherlands, Croatia gives me these faraway summer holiday destination vibes. I have spent most of my time in and around Split while also exploring other areas of Croatia, such as Dubrovnik. Because of this, I could revisit areas that caught my attention and photograph them in better light conditions. For example, whenever the sun was rising or setting. The low sun created interesting shapes on buildings and a warmer glow in the photos. This light situation added a nice element to the historic scenes, which gave me a fun element to experiment with. I absolutely love the architecture, clear water and rocky mountains. All of this is within reach of the European continent.

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