I worked many years for EkhartYoga and have photographed and filmed all teachers. The selection of photos on this page were taken during those years. 

EkhartYoga is a platform that has brought yoga enthusiasts together with teachers from all over the world. Their aim is to make yoga a daily practice for everyone and anyone, which goes beyond the limits of age and gender. They believe in a holistic approach to wellness and promote yoga as one of the ways to achieve it. 

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Photography is an essential element of EkhartYoga, as it captures the yogic essence and helps make the teachings of yoga accessible to all. With photography I can inspire and motivate the audience, capturing all aspects of yoga. Not only from the joy of practicing and the balance in poses but also the expression of strength and flexibility. 

I took photos for the use of campaigns, publications, programs, courses and social media posts. The technical aspects of the photos were sometimes challenging because of the specific yoga poses. For example, to be able to show a pose clearly, it is very important that I am at the right angle and define my composition. The viewer needs to look at the image and be able to understand how the pose is built up. Most importantly, I always change my camera to be at the right height and angle for each different pose. A part of my job was to create a form of depth and ease within the pose. Also, I also make sure the lighting equally shapes around the background and subject. Be aware of balancing out the color tones and contrasts. 

The use of photography in EkhartYoga helps depict the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga in a way that words alone can’t. It helps capture the beauty of the postures and the essence of the practice. I really enjoyed my time photographing the incredible teachers. They each carry so much wisdom and kindness which is truly inspiring. It has been a delight to be able to work with them.