I love art; therefore, photographing at the Design event GLUE in Amsterdam was a real treat. During this event called the designers from Studio 23:23 opened their location in Amsterdam to showcase their work.

For this specific assignment, I was asked by the team of interior designer Mark Timo, to capture the launch of his new collection. 

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The collaboration on this project happened really fast. Within only a few hours, I had time to prepare myself and travel to the location with my camera. As soon as I arrived at the location, I noticed the beautiful old building right in the center of Amsterdam. The owners had transformed their house into an exhibition space where multiple artists showed their newest pieces of art. 

The challenges on location

I had time to walk around and photograph not only the art works but also the ambience and guests. The event was fully sold-out, and I met a lot of interesting people while being there. On the other hand, the number of people attending made it a bit challenging for me. The space was small to move around in freely. Besides this, I also tried to make sure not to flash my light right into people’s faces. But in the end, it all worked out perfectly and people were very accommodating to let me photograph. 

The reveal and promotion after

The big reveal started halfway through. The new product that Mark Timo had worked on in collaboration with MOMO Rugs was ready to be presented. Firstly, there was a small introduction and speech. After this, the carpet was revealed and people had time to see, touch and experience the product. I made sure to capture the moment of reveal and the reactions from everyone. The photos have been used in various online articles and social media promotions.