I’m Lyanne, a professional photographer and videographer based in the Netherlands. 

I started making videos at the age of 8 and taught myself how to write, film, direct and edit.

I wanted to pursue this passion and in 2010 started the study ‘Film and Media’ at D’drive. I was one of the few who were allowed to speed up the proces by a year and graduated in 2013 as a video editor.

In 2013 was accepted into the ‘Audiovisual Media’ study at the HKU (university of arts) where I continued creating short films and documentaries. I grew an interest in visual storytelling by mindfully making use of composition, set dressing, light and colors. In 2017 I graduated as art director.

Now I work for a yoga company as a content creator and in my own time I keep developing my creative work and collaborating with other artists. 

Photography has always been a part of this journey too. With photography classes and courses I learned the basics, but mostly I learned by doing and experimenting.

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