Behind the video – part 1

I will talk about the meaning behind the video I have created. Firstly explaining the way it’s been filmed and edited. The second part will be about the visual meaning of the video. I will share the story how I intended it to be. This way, you can start looking differently at videos in the future and figure out what they mean. If you like to watch the video first, click here.

The video

Before we start, let me briefly tell you something about the video. Whereas some footage have been shot the same day, others have been spread out over a couple of months. I did had the intention to use the footage at some point, but had no ideas yet in what format. Eventually during the editing process I managed to find a way where the shots started to connect to each other and formed the story. At this time the video started to feel more personal and experimental. Now, let’s first explore the story behind the video.

The filming

I filmed everything with the Sony a7 iii and Tamron 28-75mm lens. Two of the shorts in the forest are shot with 120 fps. If you would like to know how I did this, you can read all about it by clicking here.

My focus lies on lighting and depth of field. I think this helps to create an intimate feeling between the video and the viewer. While you are watching the colors, the rain and nature, you will feel more connected to those elements this way. For me it is like a balance between the realistic and imaginary worlds. The flowers are real, but you will never go this close and see them this big. However, that is exactly the part I find fascinating and always try to capture.

The editing

Most of the times I have an idea in mind, but for this video the editing was where the story came together. Especially music is crucial to me. I love how music can affect your feelings and bring you along into a story. I scanned through the shots I had in Premiere and started to see some parts connecting already. When I added the music, it fitted perfectly and I could start editing. Also, the quote I added from Alexandra Vasiliu fitted so well together with the music and the footage. My intention for the rhythm was to keep the pace slow, but the videos more dynamic. This gave me the feeling of it to be more approachable to connect to for most people without losing the statement of the message.

The story line was quite easily formed as I started going from inside the house towards the outside nature shots. From dark to light and back to the magical atmosphere of colorful lights moving around. Editing for me feels very intuitive and almost organic. I get into this flow where I feel the rhythm of the music together with the video and know where the cuts should be made.

The story

The story is something very personal for everyone. We are all looking at things in different ways and picking out the parts that resonate with us the most. For me the meaning behind this video is to find peace and happiness in the things you find beautiful. While life can be overwhelming sometimes, it can be helpful to remember the things that make us feel calm again. Not only being in nature, but also filming and editing this video made me realize how much I enjoy it. Don’t get lost in the noise of life, but take time to slow down and enjoy the world around you.

I hope you like the video and the story behind it. My plan is to make more and longer experimental videos in the future. But for now check out my Instagram for my photos by clicking here.