Behind the photo – part 4

This is the behind the photo – part 4. I will explain my story behind a picture I have taken. How I made it and with what intentions. If you would like to read the previous part, please click here.

About the photo

The story behind the photo starts with looking at what we see in the photo itself. Here we see two people from the back sitting on a bench. They are looking towards a dark sky coming their way. The sky has a beautiful contrast in colors which brings this picture come to life. Also, the surrounding is very calm and green which gives a good balance to the strong clouds.

The camera setting

I took this photo using the Sony a7 iii with a 28-75mm lens. The camera was set to 75mm, 1/100, F/2.8 and ISO 100.

How I took the photo

I was walking around in the forest for quite some time already. On my way back I saw the amazing clouds appear in the sky and got worried about not bringing a raincoat. These two people sat on the bench and were admiring the sky changing rapidly. To me it was so nice to see people appreciating nature and spending time to sit and look at it. When I started taking the pictures they didn’t notice me, so I slowly moved closer and finally took the photo I loved the most out of the whole day.

How I edited the photo

I made sure the two people stayed in the center but without them taking the full attention of the photo. The main subject for me is the sky. Therefore, I focused on increasing the contrast and tweaking the colors. I rarely do much work in the editing process. Preferably I want to keep the picture as natural as possible, only improving the small bits to tell a stronger story.

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