Behind the photo – part 2

This is part 2 of the behind the photo series. For this blog we will talk about a photo I made in Berlin. I will explain the story behind the photo and what it means to me.

About the photo

The photo is very easy to look at, because of the balance and mirroring of objects. The four big pillars frame the image and subject that is centered in the middle. What I particular like about this photo is the sun light that shines in a diagonal through the image but still disappearing behind the front pillars.

Berlin, The Brandenburger Tor, travel photography

The camera settings

I took this photo using the Canon 750 D with the 18-55mm lens. The settings are 18mm, 1/100, F/6.3 and ISO 100.

How I took the photo

I visited Berlin and had a couple of days to explore. This location is actually a part of the Brandenburger Tor. The famous statue in Berlin with the three horses on top. While everyone were taking pictures of the complete statue, I was looking around the corners. Surprisingly I found this statue that was in desperate need for a picture. While I was looking for the right angle, the decision was quickly made from the moment I saw the sun shining over the ground. Besides the sunlight, the pillars also added to the strength of the statue perfectly.

Street photography without people

While I was browsing to my photos recently, I noticed the lack of people in there. Even within street photography I tend to have very few to no people in my shots. With this picture I took in Berlin I remember waiting for people to pass, obviously this was also because the subject in this case wasn’t in need for any distracting elements. However, I believe my photography preferences are also leaning towards the choices I make consciously and unconsciously. Not having people in my photos is a choice and a part of my style. This was an interesting realization for me and helps me to understand and grow even more.

How I edited the photo

Besides the basic color and contrast tweaking there wasn’t much more that I needed to edit. The alignment felt a bit off though. This is the only thing I am still not particularly happy with. I never see my photos as perfect or flawless. There are always things that could have been done better, and that’s how we learn.

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