A fall-themed baby photoshoot with Elise. Together with her mother, we made sure Elise was super comfortable. I laid down a blanket and let her discover the leaves around her. It didn’t take long before Elise warmed up and enjoyed the playfulness I brought. I moved around to photograph from different angles and used the leaves to create interaction and guiding lines. Within thirty minutes, we could create these lovely photos of her.
Besides this baby photoshoot, I also have experience with pregnancy photoshoots. To watch this series, you can click here

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This photoshoot actually came to me quite unexpectedly. The occasion showed up to do a photoshoot with Elise and I didn’t think twice about it. The whole photoshoot was an improvisation and I had to be creative with whatever was presented to me in that moment. Luckily, Elise is a very happy and playful baby, which made it fun to let her interact with the camera. She was especially curious about the leaves and how I moved around to capture each moment.

Because of the use of natural lighting, the photos turned out soft and warm. I had to keep in mind to only shoot from certain angles, to make sure the lighting and background weren’t getting too distracting. In addition to this, I also shot most of the photos at 75mm. This is a really nice focal length for portraits. In contrast to wider lenses, the 75mm blurs the background in a softer way and lets the subject really stand out in the photo. In most of my photography work, I enjoy using a 75mm focal length, for the same reasons. The sharpness of the subject gets even more enhanced. 

I really enjoy the short, spontaneous photoshoots. Not only brings out creativity and playfulness but also amazing results that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Especially when you try to overplan and schedule a photoshoot with a child or baby. They are eventually in charge of the way they will be photographed ;).