Photographing during the two-day conference hosted by Anywhere365. For this project, I collaborated with DOT.PRJCT to capture the full experience on both photo and video. From the presentations until the breakout rooms, single portraits, and dinner with the award show and fireworks!

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Anywhere365 is call center software company to help companies improve customer contact. This two-day event focused on sharing the innovations within their connected partners and excitedly looking towards the future they’re heading.

My approach

I was part of the creative team that captured the event in every detail. The event was divided into different sections and locations. We started day one off with multiple presentations from different spokespersons. While I could quietly walk around, I photographed the audience and speakers. Making sure to get an overview of the experience and vibe of the room while not being distracting.

I worked together with the video agency DOT.PRJCT, which was filming the event. Around lunchtime, we set up our gear for a series of interviews that will be used in the video. This was my time to take individual portraits of each interviewee. I made sure to position them near a big window because I prefer using natural lighting and framing them in a way that the space is recognizable but out of focus.

The evening program 

For the second part of the event, we moved to a different location in Rotterdam. This beautiful venue was the space for the dinner and award ceremony. The ambience and decor of the building were fully thought out and created an interesting stage to photograph. While I personally love detailshots, I also focus more these days on overview shots. Often, it can be more engaging to see the space a subject is moving around in, and especially since they put much thought into the location, I wanted to bring this into my photos as well.